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Achieving Mutually Agreeable Solutions While Avoiding Court

Now more than ever, mediation has become a popular alternative to courtroom litigation. Spouses who are getting divorced — whether it be contested or uncontested — tend to disagree on matters such as custody, property division, and support arrangements, which is why they resort to mediation as a way to achieve mutually beneficial resolutions without dealing with the hassle of going to court. Post-divorce mediation is also effective for couples who have gotten divorced in the past and want to modify their court orders.

With that in mind, our mediation attorney helps clients throughout Pullman achieve practical, long-lasting solutions to their issues without going to court. Avoiding the courtroom process can save a lot of time, money, and stress for both parties, making family law mediation an attractive option for spouses and exes who can get along with each other.

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How Does Mediation Work?

A mediator is a neutral, third-party professional who helps disputing parties reach agreements to their problems. Unlike litigation, however, mediation allows both parties to resolve their issues on their own terms rather than having a judge decide the result. A mediator will not make decisions for spouses but rather facilitate conversations to allow both sides to achieve an outcome that works for them. That being said, lawyers acting as mediators cannot provide legal advice to either spouse in a mediation session.

That being said, most mediation sessions begin with a joint session, where the mediator discusses what the process will look like, their role in the process, and the rules and agenda for the session. Mediation sessions may be conducted entirely as a joint session, while some can be conducted as both joint and separate sessions. In that case, mediators will start with a joint session then proceed to move back and forth between the parties in a separate session, also called a caucus.

Depending on the complexities of the issues, mediation sessions can last for days, weeks, months, or even longer. Since most issues are resolved through mediation, however, the wait may be well worth it.

Common Mediation Myths

Courtroom litigation is a traditional method of resolving legal issues, but as we’ve seen over the years, it isn’t the most effective way. A growing number of people have opted for mediation to resolve their legal problems because it allows them to have control over the outcome, it is faster, it is confidential, and it is cheaper.

However, some people get discouraged by the idea of mediation simply because of the false information they’ve heard. That’s why our attorney debunks 4 common myths about family law mediation below:

You don’t need an attorney: Since mediators are not always lawyers and they can never offer legal advice, it is in your best interest to retain a lawyer who can guide you through the process, protect your rights, and advise you on the best possible ways to achieve a favorable result in your situation. You also want an attorney for the mediation process because they can ensure your final agreements are lawful and enforceable.

All spouses should try mediation: Not true. Mediation is only effective when spouses or ex-spouses can work together efficiently. Mediation is not recommended for victims of domestic violence or those who otherwise have a significant issue with their spouse, as the process requires respect, cordiality, and a degree of collaboration. So, if you and your spouse cannot work together civilly or politely, you may want to explore alternatives to mediation such as litigation.

Mediation is for “softies”: Mediation is for people who are able to reach mutually agreeable decisions in a civil and polite manner. Mediation is for couples who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to sort out their problems in court, expose their legal issues to the public, or let a judge determine the outcome of their situation. Mediation gives both parties control over the outcome of their situation rather than handing the decision over to a judge who has no clue about the family dynamics. That being said, mediation is not for the weak. It is for people who truly want to best outcome for themselves and their families.

Mediation is just as effective as litigation: Mediation is arguably more effective than litigation because both parties get to decide the outcome of their situation, not a judge. As such, spouses have the means to formulate agreements that work for their particular family dynamic and resolve disagreements that arise along the way. In court, on the other hand, both parties would have to file motions and hefty amounts of paperwork to accomplish the outcomes that could be achieved in a relatively quick mediation session.

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