"Sometimes good people get in bad situations"

    Luke is without a doubt the best criminal lawyer there is. He is so patient as he explains all the terminology and it's ...

    - Diane T.
    "My case ended up turning out the best way for my situation thanks to Luke."

    My case ended up turning out the best way for my situation thanks to Luke.

    - Past Client
    "...He even got the DUI case dismissed! I would highly recommend Luke Baumgarten to anyone in a similar situation."

    ...He even got the DUI case dismissed! I would highly recommend Luke Baumgarten to anyone in a similar situation.

    - Robert
    "He is a lawyer who is not only professional, but trustworthy, kind, and patient."

    He is a lawyer who is not only professional, but trustworthy, kind, and patient.

    - Sam
    "If you or a loved one is in need of a criminal attorney, I would highly recommend Mr. Baumgarten."

    We hired Mr. Baumgarten when our college student son was arrested in Whitman County and charged with a couple of misdemeanor crimes and traffic infractions. From the very beginning, I was impressed with his honesty, knowledge, and professionalism. Over the

    - Former Client
    "Highly Recommend His Services"

    Luke Baumgarten did an excellent job on our daughter’s case. He was kind, reassuring, persistent, and very knowledgeable. He ...

    - Former Client
    "Excellent, hard working, most honest attorney in Pullman"

    Luke did an amazing job of defending our son who was charged with a very serious crime. He kept us posted at all times and worked out a very fair settlement with the prosecutor. Our son has the opportunity to continue studies and pursue his original career

    - Former Client
    "He works very, very, hard for his clients and will give you good results."

    During my career, I've worked with many attorneys, and quite simply, Mr. Baumgarten is the best. He really cares about his clients and is very knowledgeable about a variety of difficult situations. He works very, very, hard for his clients and will give yo

    - Rich G.
    "Had My Best Interests at Heart"

    Luke Baumgarten did an excellent job with my case. I was scared about what to do when I was looking for a lawyer. I talked to ...

    - Aubrie
    "He took the time to listen to all of my concerns in a very personable manner"

    Directly after speaking with Mr. Baumgarten, I knew I would like him to represent me. Luke is an extremely well spoken and trustworthy gentleman who was always responsive to me; even prior to us discussing any method of payment. Not only did Mr. Baumgarten

    - Former Client
    "Couldn't Ask for More"

    Luke took my son's routine MIP case and treated it as if it were anything but routine . He was thorough, persistent, ...

    - Reviewer
    "Excellent Attorney"

    It was a pleasure to work with Luke Baumgarten. He was very informative and walked me step by step through the entire case. ...

    - Former Client
    "Great Lawyer"

    Very knowledgeable about the law. Helped me obtain a CFD (Continuance for Dismissal) on a case that was tough to handle. He ...

    - Former Client
    "Reliable Lawyer"

    Luke was friendly, reassuring, and very knowledgeable. Luke kept me well informed and was quick to respond when I had any ...

    - Reviewer
    "Highly recommended for DUI"

    The Perfect Conclusion to a refusal to blow on a DUI as well as a DOL license suspension for a year. Luke took my case on ...

    - Trevor
    "Silver Lining"

    Luke was able to guide us through the resolution of a couple of issues related to poor choices my son made while at the ...

    - Former Client
    "His work and mistakes by the arresting agency that he identified ultimately resulted in a reduced charge."

    I had a legal issue over the weekend involving driving after drinking. I emailed Luke, and he responded over the weekend and met with me the very next Monday morning. I felt that was very impressive. The whole process was overwhelming, and Luke did a good

    - Anonymous
    "Soooo helpful!"

    I wish he could represent me, but I have court in another county. I called him to see if he could (on his cell-on a holiday!) And even though he couldn't he took time to discuss things with me and look up other options for me. I would go with him in a hear

    - Anonymous
    "Mr. Baumgarten made me feel as though my case was always his top priority and fought hard in my defense."

    I was charged with a DUI and enlisted the services of Mr. Baumgarten. I could not have asked for any more from an attorney. Mr. Baumgarten was the consummate professional. He always took the time to sit down and explain the information, discoveries, and up

    - Former Client
    "Put a Parent's Mind at Ease"

    The last thing that the parent of a freshman in college wants to deal with is their child's arrest. Not 5 hours after we left ...

    - Dennis and Danielle B.
    "He is simply your best criminal defense."

    Words can't express how much Luke Edward Baumgarten has helped me set my life back on the best road it has never been. His honesty and willing to help others makes him stand out from anyone I've come across in my life. He treated me like his own family mem

    - Mikyas
    "Great Attorney"

    He was a really nice guy and he did great work. I would highly recommend him.

    - Derrick
    "...I must say that it was the greatest decision I made to hire him."

    When I had legal trouble, the very first thing I did was search for a lawyer to help me sort through the matter. A friend of mine referred me to Luke Baumgarten, and I must say that it was the greatest decision I made to hire him. Luke is a very personable

    "Very Efficient and Extremely Competent Lawyer"

    Luke represented my son in an unfounded assault case and provided excellent guidance and detailed information throughout the ...

    - Beth
    "Best Lawyer Ever!"

    Luke is the best lawyer and I highly recommend him.

    - Rene
    "The Right Choice"

    When you get a dreaded call from your college student that they've had a run-in with the law, the first impulse is to find ...

    - Former Clients
    "He also helped me by talking to the DOL and getting my license unsuspended."

    Honestly, I have never been put in a situation where I would need a lawyer and was very concerned on who I could find. Being in a small town had me worried on my options. I could not have found a better lawyer than Luke. He was always there when I had ques

    - Former Client
    "Regardless of the outcome of your case, you can be assured that everything that is possible for Mr. Baumgarten to do will be done, and your child would be in excellent hands!"

    Getting a phone call on a Sunday morning and having your child on the other end sobbing uncontrollably as my child had never received a speeding ticket in the 1st 5 years of driving but was now facing an MIC charge. A phone call I am sure that would have b

    - Former Client
    "He saved hours of my time and alleviated my stress like I never could have imagined."

    Luke Baumgarten helped me out more than I can ever explain on paper. Luke was extremely quick when it came to anything regarding my cases. He fully explained everything so I always understood what was going on. He saved hours of my time and alleviated my s

    - Stephen
    "Everyone says the same thing; Luke is a really decent, nice guy who is very good at his job."

    The first thing I can say about Luke Baumgarten is that he genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients. Combine that with his vast knowledge of both sides of the law from his experience as a prosecutor as well as a criminal defense attorney, an

    - Former Client
    "...I offered to pay court fees and both charges were dismissed. I highly recommend him."

    Luke was very accommodating, flexible, and genuine. The first thing that drew my eye was that he was a former prosecutor. He helped me defend my record by negotiating with the prosecutor, eventually getting them to drop charges due to a lack of evidence. H

    - Michael
    "I found Luke, and he had great reviews, so I tried him out. Best decision I ever made."

    I trust Luke 100%. I recently got in a bad situation and I had no experience with lawyers, so I did some research on the internet. I found Luke, and he had great reviews, so I tried him out. Best decision I ever made. He was very knowledgeable about the la

    - Former Client
    "I would recommend his services without reservation and with great confidence."

    Mr. Baumgarten advised and defended my son in proceedings brought against him by another individual in two settings, including the local court system. He had experience working with students and was considerate of my input but directed the decision-making

    - David
    "Professional, Honest and Bright"

    My son received a ticket for drunk in public and malicious mischief. Luke was upfront and forthright during the entire ...

    - Reviewer
    "I am very grateful to Luke for all of the emotional support and legal help he gave me during this difficult time."

    After looking at all of the positive reviews about Luke, I decided to hire him to represent me in charges from the Whitman Prosecutor. When I first tried to contact him he was on vacation, but he still contacted me the same day. Throughout my legal issue,

    - Former Client
    "Our College Student was Arrested for DUI - Charges Reduced"

    Our son was arrested for DUI by campus police at WSU, and refused to blow. After spending a night in jail and then talking to ...

    - Former Clients

    I hired Luke to represent me in a DUI charge in Pullman. He was easy to contact and was readily available to answer and ...

    - Reviewer
    "Went Above and Beyond"

    Was great at keeping me informed on what was going on and the plan of action that we were going to take. Helped me out so muc ...

    - Kyle
    "I could not have been more pleased with... his efforts to resolve the case in my daughter's best interests"

    I hired Mr. Baumgarten to assist my daughter in a legal matter. I could not have been more pleased with his immediate response, the timely manner with which he kept me informed, his efforts to resolve the case in my daughter's best interests, and a favorab

    - Former Client
    "So Glad I Found Luke"

    I have never hired a lawyer before, so I was very skeptical at first. I called about 6 different lawyers before I called ...

    - Dan
    "Luke not only took this case seriously but also became a mentor to my son."

    When my son was charged with DUI and MIP in Pullman, I was 300 miles away. Fortunately, I found an outstanding lawyer to represent him. Luke not only took this case seriously but also became a mentor to my son. He helped my son to learn from his mistake an

    - Parent of Former Client
    "Simple and Effective"

    All-in-all he was very reliable and very straightforward. He made the process very simple and easy and always kept me ...

    - Alex
    "Luke Helped Our Son"

    Our son received a DUI. We did research online for an attorney and Luke was highly rated by other parents. WOW!! They were ...

    - Former Client
    "He was an extremely good lawyer and did everything he could to get me out of trouble"

    He was extremely helpful and kept me up to date with everything that was going on. He was able to get the best outcome for my case, which I am extremely grateful for. He was very knowledgeable of everything going on and was very specific in telling me what

    - Allison
    "Great Preparation, Communication, and Result"

    As a parent of a college freshman, we all naturally worry about our sons and daughters adjusting to collegiate life away from ...

    - Former Client
    "He made the process so much easier and less stressful."

    Very trustworthy and easy to talk to, He made the process so much easier and less stressful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney.

    - Former Client
    "Got Me the Best Possible Outcome for My Case"

    Luke is a very good and helpful lawyer. From the very beginning of working with Luke, he made it clear that he was here to ...

    - Chris K.
    "He went above and beyond the call of duty to help our child with a MIP/theft charge."

    Luke took the edge off of a very devastating situation. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help our child with a MIP/theft charge. It was an outrageous arrest by the Pullman police. He guided us very calmly, professionally, and thoroughly through

    - Former Client
    "The Best Lawyer"

    Great job, very impressed. He put in time and effort, and always responded quickly in order to answer my questions and keep ...

    - Reviwer
    "Luke was always honest with me and I felt that I was in good hands."

    I was charged with 4th degree assault, and thanks to the hard work of Luke Baumgarten, the case was dismissed. Luke always kept me up to date with how things were going which was great for me because I live on the other side of the state. Luke was also abl

    - Former Client
    "He is not only a great lawyer, but an overall great person! I would recommend him to anyone in Pullman and it's surrounding areas."

    I am one of many WSU students that Luke has helped with an MIP. Through the whole process, he kept me informed and answered any questions I had. It's scary going through something like this without your parents physically by your side, but Luke put me and

    - Former Client
    "We are extremely happy with the outcome and I highly recommend Luke!"

    I don't live in the area so I didn't know how to go about finding an attorney for my son who is a student in Pullman. We contacted him based on his great reviews on this site. Luke treated my son's situation with the utmost respect and urgency throughout a

    - Amy
    "Luke Baumgarten - An Excellent Lawyer"

    Luke Baumgarten bailed me out of the only legal trouble I have ever had, and hopefully will ever get into. He was able to ...

    - Former Client
    "Hire Luke. You wont regret it!"

    I hired Luke as my attorney for my DUI case. We got it dropped to a Neg 1, and he is still helping me today with post court ...

    - Mike
    "He is the best attorney in town!"

    Mr. Baumgarten is great. He is very knowledgeable and keeps us informed throughout the case. He did everything he could for our case. We appreciate him so much! He is the best attorney in town!

    "He is a lawyer who is not only professional, but is trustworthy, kind, and patient."

    Mr. Baumgarten is the best attorney I know and I definitely don't regret hiring him. He has been there to answer all of my questions and to guide and help me throughout the entire court process. I knew in my heart that he truly cared about me and did every

    - Sam
    "To top it all off, he even got the DUI case dismissed!"

    This was my first DUI, and I was in the dark as far as the whole legal process went. Fortunately, Luke answered every last one of my numerous questions. He also kept in touch with me very frequently with emails and phone calls. What I respected the most fr

    - Robert
    "His work has exceeded my expectation. I would highly recommend Luke to everyone."

    Luke has worked on my son's two cases. He has successfully brought each case to a satisfactory conclusion. I am so grateful to have him as our attorney. He is very smart, knowledgeable, and cares deeply about his clients. More importantly, he goes extra mi

    - Criminal Defense Client
    "Completely Professional and Very Helpful. Got Case Dismissed ..."

    Luke is a great attorney. He was straightforward and honest. He never sugared-coated anything. He told me the odds, but ...

    - Reviewer
    "My case ended up turning out the best way for my situation, thanks to Luke."

    Luke helped me through the entire duration of my case and was always willing to answer my questions and represent me in the best way. My case ended up turning out the best way for my situation, thanks to Luke.

    "Terrific Experience"

    I contacted Luke to help with a traffic infraction. I must say that I've used several attorneys over the years, and Mr. ...

    - Former Client
    "Highly Recommended -- Exceptionally Talented Young Lawyer"

    Luke helped us deal with a nightmare situation in a bizarrely twisted case against a Pullman bar named Stubblefield's, which ...

    - MJ
    "She is very thorough, and diligent to get the best results for her clients."

    Christine Dow helped me to get through a very confusing family law dispute with the mother of my son. She is very thorough, and diligent to get the best results for her clients. She is also very patient in dealing with new clients like I was, and was able

    - Scott
    "Excellent Lawyer!"

    We retained Luke Baumgarten to represent our daughter in a DUI case. It was a very scary situation that was further ...

    - Carrie
    "Resolved My Case Before Going to Court!"

    Luke was great when it came to my case. I called him from jail, and before I was even able to call him again once I got out ...

    - Alyssa
    "He was IN COURT representing me 20 min after I spoke with him over the phone."

    Luke did an absolutely amazing job of handling an old warrant for me. Time was very important in this matter because of a background check a potential employer was doing. He was IN COURT representing me 20 min after I spoke with him over the phone. He had

    - Andy
    "I was able to get my charge dismissed with help from Luke..."

    It was a blessing to find Luke Edward Baumgarten as my attorney to represent me in my case. Luke was immediately responsive after hearing my case. He carefully explained and outlined the process to me. He handled all the legalese with the court and prosecu

    - Former Client
    "Thank You to Luke Baumgarten"

    Mr. Baumgarten helped us through a very rough time. He gave my son great advice and worked directly with him to help keep him ...

    - Renee
    "Christine does what it takes to help you as much as possible. Hiring her was well worth it."

    Christine was very helpful from the beginning. I was given a free consultation, and my options were clearly laid out for me in how to proceed. At first, I was very confused by laws and procedures, but she helped my understand everything. When I decided how

    - Benjamin
    "Luke is Your Best Choice"

    My son was charged with marijuana possession by over-zealous WSU campus security guards. We were living near Seattle and I ...

    - Jean
    "Thanks to Luke, my son's life has changed for better."

    I highly recommend Luke to everyone. I have hired Luke three times to represent my son in the past, and he always exceeded our expectations and produced excellent outcomes every time. In addition, Luke goes the extra mile to provide guidance to his clients

    - Criminal Defense Client