Press Release: Local Attorney Increases Sharp Focus on DUI Defense


Baumgarten Law Office PLLC today announced that Pullman attorney and former deputy prosecutor Luke Baumgarten has created a non-profit professional association called Eastern Washington DUI Defense Association and has also been accepted into the National College for DUI Defense.

Mr. Baumgarten’s practice, formed in early 2010, has significantly increased its emphasis on DUI defense over the past 3 years. “As the legislature continues to create new DUI laws and amend current laws to get tougher on offenders, Washington DUI law continues to become more and more complex,” Baumgarten said. “Earlier this year I invited a group of attorneys in Spokane to meet periodically to discuss DUI law and defense-related issues. We’ve been meeting regularly since then and even organized a presentation by a renowned expert in the physiology of breath testing. Because I’d like this group to grow and to continue supporting excellence in DUI defense on this side of the mountains, I decided to form a non-profit which can hold money to finance future presentations and conferences.”

Baumgarten has also recently been accepted into the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), a nationally recognized nonprofit organization which is dedicated to the improvement of the DUI defense bar as well as informing the public about this ever-changing and complex area of law. To join, members must be receive recommendations from two attorneys or judges and, once admitted, members are required to attend NCDD-sponsored seminars. “I have so long looked up to ‘rock-star’ founding members like Seattle-based Doug Cowan and California-based Lawrence Taylor. I feel very honored to join them and so many other excellent DUI attorneys in this organization,” said Baumgarten.

Located in Pullman, WA, Baumgarten Law Office PLLC has grown to be one of the area’s top criminal defense firms. The firm may be reached at (509) 593-4370 or visited on the web at

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