Baumgarten Attends Annual DUI Seminar in Seattle

Attorney Luke Baumgarten recently attended the annual "Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice" annual "Defending DUIs" seminar in Seattle which focuses specifically on Washington DUI defense issues.

Topics ranged from an update on issues which give drivers the best chance of winning DOL license suspension/revocation hearings to strategies related to pretrial litigation and hard science about fuel cell breath testing (as used in Portable Breath Testing devices [PBTs], Ignition Interlock Devices [IIDs], and the new Draeger evidential breath testing device.

When thinking about retaining an attorney to defend you or a family member against a charge of DUI, it is important to consider whether the attorney devotes time, resources, and effort to stay abreast of the ever-changing law, collateral consequences, and science related to Washington DUI Law.

Mr. Baumgarten's track record speaks for itself. Check out what his clients are saying about him and then call us for a call for a free consultation.
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